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The best known and most revered fruit from Minas Gerais is, without a doubt, the specialty coffee.
We were born here, in the small town of Natércia, in the interior of Minas Gerais. We are part of the Serra da Mantiqueira, where the best coffees in the world come from.
We grew up in the simplicity of the farm, in the middle of the coffee fields, accompanying our grandparents in the shape of the earth.
We grew up surrounded by the mountains and learned to breathe horizons. We knew about the quality of our coffee.
That is why we decided to unite, study, learn to select the special grain to be able to explore the world taking the best that Minas Gerais produces.
Fruto Mineiro is a high quality artisan coffee, with a range of varieties, developed for those who know how to appreciate the best of specialty coffees.



Domiciano Paulo Gonçalves

Domiciano has been working in the coffee business for over 30 years and this month is our featured producer! With a more than special nanolote, the coffee has incredible sensory and a score of 89.7 points!

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Natércia is a small town located in the south of Minas Gerais, with a population of just under 5000 inhabitants. A city that preserves its roots with the warm welcome of these people, the traditions with its religiosity and the taste for coffee like all people from Minas Gerais.


Privileged geography

Like wine, the taste of coffee reflects the geographical region in which the beans were grown. We are in a very privileged region, with fertile soil and high altitude, where the best coffees in the world come from.

The secret


Sown with care and cultivated with love, Fruto Mineiro coffee takes the energy of its people. Produced by hand, our coffee brings that special touch of care from the bean to the cup to satisfy the most diverse tastes.


Selected Grains

The Fruto Mineiro beans go through several selection processes, from harvesting (made by hand), drying (in African Raised Beds), quality roasting, tasting by specialists, and another selection before being packaged.


African Raised Beds

Always thinking about serving the best, Fruto Mineiro now has an African Raised Beds for drying its specialty coffees, which further increases the quality of the beans.


Professional Roasting

In the search for excellence, Fruto Mineiro today goes beyond the production of specialty coffees. We have become specialists in coffee roasting, investing in high quality machinery.


Flavor and Aroma

What makes us a reference in specialty coffees is the care in offering the best and for the most diverse tastes. Fruto Mineiro offers a complex mixture of different flavors, providing incredible experiences.


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What they say about our coffee


“Extraordinary coffee, unforgettable taste. Very successful!! “

Thássia Fernandes

“The best”

“Simply the BEST coffee from Minas Gerais! Very good! “

Dário Lopes

“Spread it out to the world”

“I think we should spread to the world about how good this coffee is, I became a super fan!“

Laís Souza


“My concept of coffee will never be the same after I met Fruto Mineiro. Simply spectacular…”

Alan Monarch


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