Fruto Mineiro was born here, in a corner of Minas Gerais. In a small town of people with a soft smile and a soft voice.



A little about us

Our story begins as a child’s dreams, accompanying parents and grandparents on the coffee grounds.
We grew up surrounded by stories from the farm and united by the passion for the famous coffee from Minas Gerais.
Over time, the passion became something much bigger and the curiosity made us go in search of our dreams.
We studied, worked and improved in the art of specialty coffee.
Currently, our range of products meets the most demanding tastes. Try our coffees and be surprised!

Coffee Artists

Fruto Mineiro

Produced with care and packed with love to bring you the best of Minas Gerais.


Our Principles


Fully meet the needs of our customers in all stages of coffee, providing them an infinite flavors and exceeding their expectations with selected beans and very high quality.


To be recognized nationally and internationally as suppliers of excellent coffees, always offering special and highly selected beans.


– Ethics and transparency: conduct negotiations with customers and suppliers honestly. Ethical and honest behavior towards everyone;
– Respect: customers, employees and the environment;
– Partnership: create and maintain lasting professional and interpersonal relationships;
– Excellence: dedication and responsibility to always offer the best coffees to our customers.

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